St. Louis Might Resurrect The Old Arena Bringing Thousands of New Jobs To The Area

Photo: Hat Trick Consultants
Photo: Hat Trick Consultants

In 1999 one of the most iconic buildings in St. Louis was torn down, the old St. Louis Arena. The 8,000 seat arena used to host some of the most iconic local events, such as major concerts, graduations, and other city-wide gatherings.

Developers want to re-develop the old Chrysler plant property, and bring a major influx of jobs to our region. They are now planning on turning the 300-acre site into a sprawling complex of retail, entertainment, and office space.

The highlight of the new plan will be a full replica of the old St. Louis Arena.

Developers are now waiting on final approval from city leaders before they can move forward with phase 1.

You can now browse all job openings around St. Louis here.

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