New $68.5 Million High-Rise in St Louis Will Bring Hundreds of New Jobs To Region


St Louis HighriseA new 14 story high-rise office tower is now planned for Forsyth Blvd. The massive new development will cost an estimated $68.5 million including the design, construction, and complete up-fit.

The development will be anchored by the new Apogee office tower, at 8125 Forsyth, which will top out at 230 feet and have a total of 233,226 square feet of office space. The two story retail building currently on the site will be demolished, however, the development does call for street level retail for the new building.

The design by ACI Boland Architects, of Chesterfield, calls for an exterior of precast panels and veneer brick, composite metal panels and aluminum window frames.

Apogee’s proposed 14 floors is the most Clayton zoning regulations allow for the site, said Richard Clawson, an ACI Boland architect.

The builder, Crest Management, currently manages three office buildings in the area — the Merrill Lynch Centre, Region’s Centre, and Lawyer’s Title Building.

The company now has tentative deals with a couple undisclosed tenants, which will be adding hundreds of new jobs to the area. You can now browse all job openings around St. Louis here.

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