Tampa Jewel Heist Followed by $1.8M Hermès Bag Theft in South Beach


Police are hunting for a group of thieves with a taste for luxury. On March 9, surveillance footage captured these criminals breaking into D-LUX Jewelers on Sheldon Road, Hillsborough County. The thieves used a crowbar to force entry and disable security cameras.

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Inside, they aimed straight for the safe. Despite their efforts, the safe fell out of their truck as they hurriedly fled, likely due to the police’s imminent arrival.

Shortly after, the same group struck again in Miami Beach. This time, they made off with nearly $2 million worth of Hermès Birkin bags. Security footage shows them filling garbage cans with the designer handbags.

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Authorities linked both crimes to a Hyundai Santa Fe and arrested the vehicle’s owner, Eduardo Garcia, who confessed to both heists. Police are still searching for more suspects involved in these high-profile thefts.