New Migration Data: Charleston Ranks #2 Top Destination For Apartment Hunters Looking to Move Away

Apartment List has just published its newest Renter Migration Report.
Their data aligns with census estimates showing that migration in the U.S. slowed last year, but certain metro-to-metro trends remain strong, highlighting the markets that will be attracting (or losing) renters in the coming year.

Durham, NC tops this list, with 63 percent of searches coming from out-of-towners, followed by Charleston, SC at 61 percent. For both of these metros, nearby Raleigh and Charlotte are the top sources of inbound searches, but the New York City metro is the third most common source for both.

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida account for 7 of the top 10 metros with the most interest coming from out-of-towners, confirming the popularity of these states among Americans looking to make long-distance moves. Another trend represented on this list is renters priced out of the nation’s most expensive markets searching in more affordable neighboring markets – for example, from San Francisco to Stockton, CA, and from New York City to Bridgeport, CT.