Taste of Excellence: Six Tampa Restaurants Earn Spots in Michelin Guide


Tampa’s culinary landscape receives a prestigious nod as six of its restaurants secure coveted spots in the Michelin Guide 2024. Known for its discerning taste and rigorous standards, the Michelin Guide adds these establishments to its roster, signifying excellence in dining experiences. With the weekend on the horizon, exploring these Michelin-acclaimed eateries could set the stage for a remarkable dining adventure.

Last year marked a milestone for Tampa, with three establishments—Rocca, Koya, and Lilac—earning the city’s first-ever Michelin stars. Additionally, several other restaurants statewide received the esteemed Bib Gourmand recognition, a testament to their exceptional cuisine.

However, Michelin’s recognition extends beyond awards, as evidenced by the inclusion of new additions in the guide. Michelin’s anonymous inspectors currently endorse these restaurants for their exceptional quality and dining experiences, although they may be eligible for future stars..

Here are the six Tampa restaurants added to the Michelin Guide for 2024:

  1. Supernatural Food & Wine: A casual spot in Downtown Tampa known for its sandwiches and salads, offering a bright and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Predalina: An upscale restaurant celebrating Mediterranean heritage through its cuisine, reflecting the owners’ culinary roots.
  3. Streetlight Taco: This South Tampa taqueria reimagines traditional tacos with fresh and creative ingredients, promising a unique dining experience.
  4. The Pearl: Located on Water Street, this restaurant boasts a shareable American menu with a focus on seafood, perfect for social dining.
  5. Ebbe: A sleek and contemporary restaurant offering a tasting menu influenced by Chef Ebbe Vollmer’s Swedish background, showcasing innovative flavors and techniques.
  6. Kōsen: An elegant Japanese restaurant helmed by Chef Wei Chen, renowned for its intricate and precise omakase dining experience.

Tampa’s culinary prowess continues to captivate palates, drawing acclaim and recognition on a global scale. As these six restaurants join the ranks of Michelin Guide-approved establishments, they solidify Tampa’s position as a culinary destination worth savoring. Embarking on a culinary adventure to explore these Michelin-acclaimed eateries could make for an unforgettable weekend plan.