These Police Are Giving Specific Christmas Gifts Instead of Tickets


A kind-hearted police officer just devised an incredible holiday scheme to spread some holiday cheer.

He began by pulling over unsuspecting victims near a local shopping mall for minor traffic and vehicle violations. Then, Instead of tickets, he gave out the exact gifts that they had just told hime about., like a new TV and an electric scooter. Drivers had reactions that turned from irritation into confusion before melting into joy, and usually, hugs;

“Most of the contact police officers have with the general public is on a traffic stop, and you can find out a lot about that person in that 10 to 15-minute window. We got this idea, what if we could change that person’s day in real time?” Police Chief Steve Bukala commented.

police giving giftsTo some, the unexpected act of kindness meant being able to give their kids a love filled Christmas morning.

UP TV created the video as part of its Uplift Someone campaign, and the cable network also funded the project. The company spent roughly $8,000 on gifts and about 50 drivers were pulled over.

The video ends with a note saying that while Lowell police love spreading holiday cheer, and that it’s important for all police departments to take the time to show their citizens just how much they care.