This is Why No One Should Trust Obama’s Flu Shot


“Did Harry Reid take a flu shot? Did Barack Obama take a flu shot? Did Barack Obama’s lovely family take a flu shot? Did Joe Biden take a flu shot?”

Modern medicine can be remarkable in many areas, and we’ve certainly made huge strides to curing countless diseases and illnesses, but the flu is not one of them. Many people will simply believe what the government tells them, ‘buy Obamacare’, ‘trust our foreign policy’, ‘our borders are safe’, but not surprising to some, the government isn’t always 100% truthful.

The real reasons why president Obama, his family, and most politicians in the know did not receive a flu shot and are still telling Americans to get one may shock you;



obama flu shotThe Centers for Disease Control authorities have recently had to guess what the vaccine should be made of.

They choose five strains out of 250-plus strains of Influenza A, and if they don’t choose the right one, you’re going to get sick. You’re putting your faith in the CDC’s ability to guess the one that might be a pandemic.

This year, the CDC guessed right on two of the strains and wrong on one of them.

He acknowledged that many people calculate that the risk of a side effect is one in 1 million against the one-in-10,000 risk of being hospitalized or dying.The risks at this point most certainly seem to outweigh any benefit.

The vaccine contains formaldehyde and thimerosal – an organic compound containing mercury, which impairs the neurological and immune systems – along with detergents, antibiotics and allergens that cause infertility.

The CDC itself lists some of these ingredients on its own website as harmful, though it insists the amounts in vaccines is negligible.

But when you’re older, and you get ALS or Alzheimer’s disease or MS, or you watch your kid develop seizures, or your kid becomes autistic, God forbid, what are you going to say?

The relationship between the vaccine and any one person acquiring these diseases can’t be known for certain, he said, “But why increase the chances of inducing such illnesses in yourself and your children?”

When it comes to flu vaccines, political leanings should not be relevant. The bottom line is that germs don’t discriminate.



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