This Pre-Teen Makes Over $1 Million a Year Opening Toys on Youtube


YouTube celebrities are becoming increasingly common these days, pumping out videos that can generate them millions of dollars each year. These are very unique celebrities with extremely huge fanbases on Youtube, but almost unknown outside of Youtube. The opportunity to make a 7-figure income on Youtube is now available for anyone, even 9-year-olds.

EvanTubeHD stars a 9-year-old named Evan, the one channel now generates over $1 million per year in ad revenue from 1 million+ subscribers and 1 billion+ total views;

The original channel, EvanTubeHD started as a fun father-son project with Evan and his dad Jared. The pair started by making Angry Birds stop-motion videos, and, according to a Newsweek interview with Jared, Evan’s father, “all of the proceeds from the channel goes into investment and savings accounts for their children.”

Tech-savvy, smart, and now incredibly wealthy thanks to the internet.




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