You Can Now Make $13,000 Per Year Donating Your Poop To This Company


A new start-up medical company is now paying $90 for poop samples.

Nonprofit organization OpenBiome gives individual donors up to $13,000 a year to use their poop to save lives around the world.

“Everyone thinks it’s great that they’re making money doing such an easy thing, but they also love to hear us say, ‘Look, your poop just helped this lady who’s been sick for nine years go to her daughter’s graduation.'” remarked OpenBiome co-founder Carolyn Edelstein.

Since 2013, OpenBiome has been processing and shipping loads of it all over the world. They first freeze the stool samples, ship them out, then administer them to patients who are very sick with infections of a bacteria called C. difficile.

By introducing healthy fecal matter into the gut of a patient (by way of endoscopy, nasal tubes, or swallowed capsules) doctors can abolish C. difficile for good;


sell your poop for money
Save your stools, save the world. (OpenBiome)

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