Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Your Hopes Up


1. Because nothing is ever as good as it looks in the ad.


2. Because real life is never like the movies.


3. Because that haircut you saw in that magazine is never going to look as good on you.

 Really Really Bad Haircut

4. Because one person’s extra extra large is another person’s extra extra gross.

False Ad Hamburger

5. Because you can’t pull off bangs.

horrible bangs

6. Because fun cocktails are never as fun as they seem.

bad cocktails

7. Because that sexy hair flip never works out as expected.

hair flip gone wrong

8. Because tattoo art is hard.

bad lion tattoo

9. Because that cute bouquet is tougher to pull off than it seems.

horrible flower design

10. Because Walmart’s “portrait studio” lies

family photo gone wrong