Tractor Trailer Full of Beer Spills Onto Highway Near Tampa Florida


beer spills onto highway near tampaA semi-truck full of beer cans just crashed on I-75 near Tampa, FL, dumping out countless cans of beer along the side of the road. The truck driver claims to have been distracted by his dog and lost control of the steering wheel, and crashing into the guard rail early Tuesday morning.

Malcolm Jamal Wilcox, 23, of Fernandina Beach was traveling south on the outside lane when he became distracted by a small dog in his truck, losing control of the truck, which was carrying a full load of Bud-light beer.

The truck went into the outside shoulder of I-75, then overturned. The crash caused a massive number of beer cans to spill all over the road and the medium, closing the highway for about 3 hours.

Thankfully no one was injured.

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