Norfolk City Jail Expands Their Menu, Now Allowing Food To Be Ordered Online


bluefield chef Kent TrebilcoxThe Norfolk City Jail is now getting a major upgrade to their cafeteria. Starting on August 11th, custom meals can be ordered through a new service called ‘811 Marketplace‘.

The inmates will start to receive these custom orders starting on Aug. 17.

There is currently one meal option is available each day, but inmates are allowed to receive up to two meals from this program each day. Orders placed before 8 a.m. can be delivered to the inmate the same day.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office said the new meal program is similar to those offered in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

“We are proud to offer an option for friends and family members to send meals to their loved ones in jail, and at the same time, the new online cafe will generate revenue for the Norfolk City Jail,” commented Sheriff Bob McCabe.

The website is

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