Donald Trump Just Announced He Is Leaving The “Unfair” Republican Party To Run As An Independent


By Adrianna Robinson | 03/07/16 08:21 PM EST

Donald-Trump-leaving-republican-partyIn another surprising plot twist of the Republican presidential race, Donald J. Trump has just announced leaving the Republican party to run as an independent for The President of The United States.

Trump felt that the Republican party crossed the line with it’s latest Florida commercial which compiles over a dozen times he used vulgar language into one highly promoted TV ad.

“I am watching television — and I am seeing ad, after ad, after ad put in by the establishment, knocking the hell out of me, and it’s really unfair…I will tell you, these millions of people that joined, they’re all coming with me.” Trump remarked on his independent bid announcement this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Trump’s announcement is in direct violation to the loyalty pledge with the Republican National Committee last year, in which he promised to stay with the Republican party for the entire race, however, the loyalty pledge does not spell out any specific damages that Trump would be facing if he violated it. “I signed a letter with the RNC, but I’m not being treated the right way. I am not being treated properly.” he commented during the announcement. “I’ve brought in millions and millions of people to the Republican Party, and I’ll be honest — those people will never go out and vote” for another candidate.

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