10 Insanely Handy Things You Need To Declutter Your House


If you’re like most people, you have way too much stuff, and not nearly enough places to put it all. Thankfully, there are some ingenious people out there that have invented some simple, but extremely effective ways of organizing all your stuff.

Everyone should have at least 1 of the following;

#1 Rattan Baskets (Set of 3 for $33 on Amazon.com)


These things are a must for every home, apartment, dorm-room, or parents basement. Perfect for corralling remote controls, the kids’ small toy pieces, piles of mail, or designate one for each member of the family as their ‘junk’ bin. These specific baskets are made with sturdy wire frames covered by tightly woven fiber that wraps around the edges for a clean, well-tailored look. Open end handles make lifting and carrying a breeze, and deep sides allow for taller items like magazines or pick-up sticks. Click here to browse more details and customer reviews on Amazon.com


#2 Mail and Key Rack ($9.99 on Amazon.com)


If you don’t have one of these things yet, chances are you throw your mail and keys on random surfaces all over your place…and chances are none of it is organized, and you often can’t find your keys. Buy one of these, seriously, it conveniently store keys, leashes, and mail all in one location! Perfect for kitchens, foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, or parent’s basements. Made of durable steel, wall mounting hardware is included. Check out more details and user review on Amazon.com


#3 Wall-Mounted Bag Holder, ($9.99 on Amazon.com)


Stop cluttering every drawer with random bags – organize them all on your wall! Mount a few of these bag dispensers on a wall or inside a shelf for convenient, easy access. Simply tuck them into the top opening, and pull them out from the wide dispensing area on the front of the holder. Check it out – and what customers think on Amazon.com by clicking here.


#4 Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder ($34.99 on Amazon.com)


Stop storing paper bills, old credit cards, and random CDs – destroy them all with one of these! Click here for more details and customer reviews on Amazon.com


#5 Slotted Mop and Broom Holder ($13.23 on Amazon.com)


This crazy slim wall organizer holds all kinds of household objects with handles of varying thickness. Simply insert a handle into a slot and a rounded, gravity controlled, rolling ball automatically adjusts to the handle’s thickness and grips it securely. Use in the laundry, garage, garden, utility room, offices, and more. Check out more details and reviews on Amazon.


#6 Closet Doubler ($11 on Amazon.com)


Stop wasting space in your closet and use this super handy closet doubler allows you to expand the hanging space in your closet. The design is great for any closet and it’s durable and sturdy. Check out more details and user reviews on Amazon.com


#7 Under-Shelf Shelf ($16.02 on Amazon.com)


This ridiculously handy under-shelf shelf rack fits on solid shelves up to 1 1/4″” thick and at least 13 1/2″” deep and is ideal to use on standard 14″” kitchen cabinet shelving. The under shelf kitchen organizer helps maximize available storage space in kitchen drawers and cabinets. More details and user reviews here.


#8 Jumbo Toy Hammock ($8.49 on Amazon.com)


If you have kids, or you are a big kid at heart, you need this, seriously, it’s awesome. A fun way to pick up toys – this Jumbo toy hammock gets the mess up off the floor with 6 feet of strong, polyester hammock storage for bears, bunnies, and all their favorite toys. Your kids will love throwing their stuff into the hammock. Adults can easily install with three hooks that screw into the wall. Plain and simple, this is a great storage solution for any room in your house. Click here for more details and user reviews on Amazon.com


#9 Office Supplies Caddy ($10.86 on Amazon.com)


Spend less time looking for what you need and more time focusing on what matters. Check out user reviews on Amazon.com


#10 iPhone/iPad/iMac Charging Station ($34.99 on Amazon.com)


If you’re cool enough to have an iPhone, iPad, AND iMac…now you can charge them all at once! Keep all your portable gadgets charged and organized with the brand new Multi-Charging Station. With room for a laptop, tablet and up to 3 other devices this sturdy stand holds and hides unsightly cords. Click here for more details and user reviews on Amazon.com