4 Celebrity Headphones That Are Cheaper and Better Than Dr Dre Beats


Apple recently announced it would buy “Beats by Dr Dre” to compliment it’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod line of products. Beats by Dr. Dre headphones certainly fits into apple’s business model of making average products look fancy and selling them for a huge premium. Beats currently retail for as high as $300 for their ‘Beats Studio’, but the sound quality is on par with many other headphones priced at under $50. If you absolutely must have a ‘cool’ look and a celebrity endorsement, these are some of the best celebrity headphones that are less expensive than beats and much better sounding…

#1 Subjekt TNT ($19.99 on Amazon)

#2 House of Marley  ($47.04 on Amazon)

#3 SOL Republic Tracks ($59.99 on Amazon)

#4 Fanny Wang On-Ears ($99.99 on Amazon)