Full Comparison of The iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Galazy S5, and Other Top Smartphones


comparing-iPhone-6-vs-galaxy-s5-HTC-m8With the new release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the decision to pick the perfect smartphone is now officially overwhelming. Is it worth it to move up from an iPhone 5 to a 6 or 6 plus? Should you switch to Apple from Android (or a Windows, Blackberry, Palm, or Fire)? Should you switch to Android from Apple? Do you want a phone that’s waterproof or shockproof, or one that comes with a 16mp camera, infrared transmitter, FM radio tuner, video projector, or microwave? Is your phone choice dependent on the need to use iTunes or the new iWatch….er..Apple Watch?

Here is a chart to compare all of the metrics, hardware, and included features for the most desirable smartphones;


You can also build your own comparisons if you’d like to include other phones or features. You can simply check the “Add to compare” box next to each phone you want to examine, then click the “Compare Now” link in the right sidebar once you’re ready.




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