5 Knives That Crocodile Dundee Would Own


“That’s not a knife… THAT’s a knife.” – one of the most memorable quotes of the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee has been inspiring knife-lovers for almost 30 years now. In honor of the epicness of the quote, the movie, and the icon of Crocodile Dundee, I present to you 5 of the most epic knives you can still legally buy….

#1 Tom Brown Tracker

that's not a knife 1
Tom Brown Tracker Fixed Blade Knife with Rocky Mountain Micarta Handles on Amazon.com


#2 Muela Jabali

that's not a knife 3
Muela Jabali Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife 13.5-Inch w/ Stag Handle on Amazon.com


#3 Dark Operations Interceptor 911

that's not a knife 2
Dark Operations Interceptor 911 E&E Tactical Fixed Blade Knife on Amazon.com


#4 Tops M4X Punisher

that's not a knife 4

Tops M4X Punisher high carbon steel sawback blade on Amazon.com



#5 Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife

that's not a knife 5
Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife on Amazon.com


In case none of those options were big enough, or ‘Dundee’ enough for you, Amazon has 1,600+ other options (Click Here To Browse The Full List)