Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in Charleston


John Barnett, a 62-year-old former Boeing employee who raised concerns about the company’s production standards, was found dead in Charleston on Saturday.

According to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office, Barnett died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Barnett, who retired from Boeing in 2017 after 32 years, had reportedly voiced concerns about the use of substandard parts and faulty oxygen systems within the company. Local news outlets reported that Barnett alerted managers about these issues, but his claims were allegedly denied, and no corrective actions were taken.

Back in 2019, Barnett told the BBC that under-pressure workers had been deliberately fitting sub-standard parts to aircraft on the production line.

The Charleston Police Department is currently investigating the incident. While the official cause of death awaits confirmation, Barnett’s past actions as a whistleblower raising safety concerns raise questions and warrant a thorough investigation.

This incident highlights the need for companies to address whistleblower reports seriously and ensure proper investigation and corrective measures are taken when safety concerns are raised.