CARTA’s Gift to Charleston Seniors: Save Big on Your Next Uber or Lyft Ride


Charleston County residents aged 55 and over can now enjoy significant discounts on Uber and Lyft rides, thanks to a new initiative by the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA). Eligible seniors can save up to $21 per ride, up to 20 times a month, for trips within CARTA’s service area during weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To benefit from this offer, seniors need to sign up for CARTA OnDemand, either online or by mailing an application with proof of age and Uber or Lyft account details. Once approved, the subsidy is added directly to the user’s ride-sharing account.

Here’s how the discount works:

  • The rider pays the first $4 of each trip.
  • CARTA covers up to $21 of the remaining fare.
  • Any ride cost over $25 is the rider’s responsibility, in addition to the initial $4.
  • Tips are not included and must be paid separately.
  • Payments must be made via credit/debit card or a pre-purchased Uber/Lyft gift card.
  • A smartphone or mobile device is required for the Uber or Lyft apps.

This program offers a cost-effective way for Charleston’s seniors to travel around the city.