Charleston Airport’s Billion-Dollar Expansion to Tackle Soaring Passenger Numbers


Charleston International Airport is accelerating its expansion plans to cope with a significant rise in passenger numbers, but these upgrades come with substantial costs. Last year, the airport served over 6 million passengers, and nonstop flights have more than tripled in the past three years. To meet this demand, projects totaling nearly $1 billion are in the works.

A key project on the agenda is a new parking garage, estimated to cost between $253 million and $313 million. This garage, which would be the airport’s third deck, aims to accommodate 5,700 vehicles, potentially freeing up space for 2,000 more cars by consolidating rental car services.

To manage costs and parking availability, the garage construction will occur in two phases, with completion expected by mid-2026. Additionally, the airport is actively partnering with airlines to introduce more nonstop services, particularly to destinations crucial for local businesses like Boeing and Mercedes.

As part of its overall development plan, the airport is also set to build an additional parking garage and a two-story rental car pavilion, funded through revenue bonds totaling an estimated $300 million. These initiatives reflect the airport’s commitment to meeting passenger needs and supporting regional economic growth.

The airport is always working on a massive road overhaul project that will make driving to and from the Charleston airport much smoother.