Charleston Just Elected Her First Republican Mayor In 145 Years


After a super tight election and a contested runoff race, Charleston finally has a new mayor – William Cogswell – Charleston’s first Republican mayor since 1877.

According to preliminary results, Cogswell secured 51% of the votes from the runoff, edging out incumbent mayor John Tecklenburg, who garnered 49%.

Cogswell, addressing supporters on the night of the runoff, expressed confidence in his victory and called for a fresh approach to city governance. “I think it’s time for a change,” he remarked, highlighting the public’s desire for new leadership and direction.

The victory margin was slim, with Cogswell leading by only 569 votes. His win was significantly bolstered by his performance in Berkeley County, where he secured 1,788 votes against Tecklenburg’s 1,066. However, in Charleston County, Tecklenburg slightly outperformed Cogswell, receiving 12,295 votes to Cogswell’s 12,142.

Following Cogswell’s remarks, Tecklenburg conceded the race at his watch party. He expressed optimism about Charleston’s future and congratulated Cogswell, urging the community to support the new mayor. “When Mayor Cogswell succeeds, all of Charleston succeeds,” Tecklenburg stated.

The official certification of the vote by the City of Charleston is scheduled for 1 p.m. today.