From Abortion to Education: Charleston’s Guide to SC’s New Laws for 2024


2023 was a significant year for South Carolina legislation, with several impactful laws passed that will shape our state’s future. Charleston residents, in particular, may be interested in how these changes affect our community.

One of the most talked-about pieces of legislation is the new fetal heartbeat law, which effectively prohibits abortions after six weeks. This law, which has sparked diverse opinions among lawmakers and citizens alike, was upheld by the South Carolina Supreme Court in a 4-1 decision in August 2023.

Another major legal change involves bond reform. This new law permits judges to impose up to five additional years in prison for repeat offenders at their initial sentencing. This measure aims to address the issue of repeat offenders in jails and prisons.

Education in South Carolina also saw a significant shift with the introduction of a voucher program. This program, affecting 15,000 students, allows for the use of public funds in private schools. However, its constitutionality has been challenged by Sen. Mike Fanning, the NAACP, and the South Carolina Education Association, leading to a lawsuit filed in October. The state supreme court is set to review this law.

On a lighter note, the legislature also addressed the “Carolina Squat” truck trend. Starting November 12, vehicles with a front end raised higher than the back are now banned. Drivers have until May 10, 2024, to adjust their vehicles to comply with this new regulation.

These legislative changes are reshaping the landscape of South Carolina, and it’s crucial for Charleston residents to stay informed about how these laws impact our community.

What do you think about the new laws?