Charleston’s Winning Streak Continues: Named South’s Best City in 2024


Charleston has once again solidified its position as the pinnacle of Southern charm, clinching the title of “South’s Best City” for the year 2024. This marks an impressive eighth consecutive win for Charleston, a feat celebrated in the April issue of Southern Living magazine, eagerly awaited by readers and set to be available both in print on March 22 and online.

Affectionately known as the Holy City, Charleston has been praised for its breathtaking architecture, enchanting streets, and the heartwarming hospitality inherent to its Lowcountry spirit. These attributes have not only endeared Charleston to visitors from around the globe but have also consistently caught the attention of Southern Living’s editors, ensuring its premier position among the top 25 Southern cities.

Greenville, another jewel in South Carolina’s crown, has also been recognized, securing the sixth spot on the list. Atlanta and Charlotte have earned their places as well, ranking seventh and twelfth, respectively, highlighting the varied appeal of cities across the South in the magazine’s extensive review. Little Rock, Arkansas, rounds out the list at the 25th spot for 2024.

The magazine also spotlighted emerging cities in its “Best City on the Rise” list, with Spartanburg and Columbia from South Carolina making notable appearances, ranking third and fifth, respectively.

Adding to Charleston’s accolades, Vern’s Restaurant has been distinguished as the Best New Restaurant in South Carolina, further cementing the city’s status as a culinary and cultural hotspot in the South.