Charlotte Region High School Ranks #1 in North Carolina and #203 in America


top-high-school-in-charlotteThe #1 high school in North Carolina and #203 in America is located right here in the greater Charlotte region. Six of North Carolina’s high schools were named in Newsweek’s recent rating of the top 500 high schools in the nation in terms of preparing students for college.

According to Newsweek, Gray Stone Day School ranks first in North Carolina, and 203rd out of over 30,000 secondary (high) schools in America. It was reported that the school had a college readiness score of 87% and a college bound and graduation rate of 93%. It also received a gold star for economically disadvantaged students performing at or above grade level on state assessments.

Newsweek’s rankings were primarily based on it’s ‘college readiness score’, which used; enrollment, graduation rate, weighted AP/IB composite, weighted SAT/ACT composite, Holding Power (change in student enrollment between ninth and 12th grades; this measure is intended to control for student attrition), and Counselor-to-Student Ratio. The rankings are also based on the college enrollment rate, graduation rate, and weighted test scores, and the school must perform better than the 80th percentile in their state on standardized tests.

What do you think the best high school in the greater Charlotte region is? 




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