Elanco Co. Building $150 Million Facility and Adding 100 Jobs in Augusta


Elanco Augusta PlantAnimal health products company Elanco just broke ground on a new $150 million facility in the heart of Augusta. The massive new plant is expected to create over 100 new jobs for our region.

Elanco is one of the largest child companies of global pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Co. Their new Technology Center will be responsible for developing new enhancements for all of their products, as well as potential new inventions and product offerings.

They have been operating an incredibly successful manufacturing plant in the Augusta area, but the company is saying their capacity their is maxed out.

“An investment of this size is a testament to the performance of our operations in Augusta, we have every confidence in our employees at the site and the value our products bring to our customers.” remarked Steve Jenison, Elanco’s Vice President of Manufacturing.

Elanco Co. currently has offices in over 40 countries and employs about 3,000 people around the world.

If you want to browse all available jobs in Augusta click here.

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