Why Tom Cotton Is Really Angry At Guantanamo Bay


What seems like only moments after President Obama pledged to close Guantanamo Bay, republican Senator Tom Cotton had some sharp works for the President

“In my opinion, the only problem with Guantanamo Bay is there are too many empty beds and cells there right now,” he remarked to a mostly shocked audience

“We should be sending more terrorists there. As far as I’m concerned, every last one of them can rot in hell.”

Since the sharp comments, many have been quick to attack him, and still countless more have come to his defense, many even saying more extreme comments than he did.

Here are the top 3 reasons he’s upset;

#1 Obama is trying to shut the prison down

#2 Obama thinks that keeping the facility open is a security concern and a propaganda tool for terrorists. (would setting them free be LESS of a security concern?)

#3 Closing the facility would force the country to reduce the amount of terrorists it can pursue and interrogate, this would severely limit our effectiveness in the war on terror.

Here is his entire speech from the hearing;