Feeding Tampa Bay Opens Doors to Largest Food Bank in the Region


Feeding Tampa Bay is set to open its brand-new 215,000 square foot community center on Thursday. The facility, located on Causeway Boulevard, will serve as the hub for its food bank operations and a variety of community services aimed at addressing broader issues beyond food insecurity.

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Our move to the Causeway Center is just a few days away! We can’t wait for you to experience our new facility. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our President and CEO Thomas Mantz about what he is most looking forward to. If you want to learn more about our new facility, be sure to visit our website today >>>https://bit.ly/4aIh7hN

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Hurricane-Resilient Design

Built with resilience in mind, the new center is elevated 13 feet to remain operational during hurricanes and other disasters. This $60 million project positions Tampa as home to one of the top 15 food banks in the nation.

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Meeting Growing Demand

Feeding Tampa Bay CEO Thomas Nantz highlighted the limitations of the organization’s former 80,000 square foot facility. Originally, it provided up to 15 million meals annually. Last year, that number soared to 85 million meals. The old facility struggled with storage capacity, particularly for perishable items like fruits and vegetables.

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Enhanced Storage and Capacity

The new center boasts 10 times the cold storage capacity of the previous facility, with space for up to 1,000 pallets compared to just 100 before. State-of-the-art walk-in coolers and freezers will enable the organization to offer a greater volume of healthy foods.

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Increased Meal Production

The new facility features three kitchens capable of preparing 10,000 meals in an 8-hour shift, a significant upgrade from the old kitchen’s 500 meals per day capacity. The loading dock is designed for future growth, accommodating up to 22 separate docks.

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Improved Logistics

Feeding Tampa Bay has revamped its transportation network to facilitate faster and larger deliveries to its satellite locations. Planning for this project began five years ago, involving visits to food banks nationwide and consultations with experts to anticipate Tampa Bay’s future needs.

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Addressing Underlying Issues

The facility includes a neighborhood room and work space to connect those in need with social services such as housing assistance, tax help, financial services, and local aid programs. Additionally, it features a medical section with two exam rooms and spaces for training and education.

A New Era for Feeding Tampa Bay

As it opens this cutting-edge facility, Feeding Tampa Bay is also rebranding itself. The organization aims to be more than just a food bank; it aspires to be a place where individuals can come to build a brighter future.