Governor McMaster to Attend Unveiling of New Historic Site in Charleston

Remnant of Horn Work

Charleston’s Marion Square is set to welcome a significant historical addition to the Liberty Trail, with an unveiling event scheduled for Thursday afternoon, featuring Governor Henry McMaster. The latest feature of the trail includes 32 bronze plates that mark the original boundaries of the Revolutionary War Horn Work, a defensive fortification constructed in 1758 to protect Charleston.

“But for the valor exhibited on the battlefields of South Carolina, this nation’s quest for liberty may have been driven to a halt,” said Governor Henry McMaster in a press release. “The perseverance and tenacity exhibited by our forebearers remains alive in the character of this state’s citizens. Now, as we prepare to celebrate the 250th anniversary of American independence, it is time to commit to ensuring their stories are told for the entire country to hear.”

The Horn Work, which once extended nearly three city blocks with a front wall approximately 24 feet high, has been a subject of historical interest for years. A small part of it has been visible above ground, but the precise location of its underground foundation was only revealed in 2020, thanks to ground-tracing radar technology.

The unveiling ceremony, set for 2:30 p.m., will be attended by Governor McMaster, Mayor William Cogswell, and other prominent state and local leaders. They will gather to commemorate this important addition to the Liberty Trail, a project that enhances the historical landscape of Charleston. The event is anticipated to last about 35 minutes.