Hail Storm of Biblical Proportions Causes Millions of Dollars of Damage Across South Carolina


A massive hail storm devastated South Carolina this weekend. The downtown area of Rock Hill, in particular, experienced severe damage due to hailstones as large as tennis balls, resulting in significant financial losses and disruptions.

The storm wreaked havoc on downtown Rock Hill, inflicting extensive damage on various fronts. Hailstones reaching the size of tennis balls caused millions of dollars in damages, with numerous properties and structures bearing the brunt of the storm’s fury.

In addition to the hail, powerful wind and rain toppled hundreds of trees, leaving over 2,000 customers without power.


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The American Freight Furniture store on Albright Road faced shattered windows, while nearby businesses reported roof damages.

Alongside the hail, the storm brought strong winds and heavy rainfall, compounding the destructive impact. Over 2,000 customers were left without power as hundreds of trees were toppled by the forceful winds. One of the most severe incidents involved a fallen tree completely demolishing a multi-level residential home in Rock Hill.

Despite the extensive destruction witnessed, there have been no reports of injuries thus far. However, the community is grappling with the aftermath as they assess the full extent of the damage and work towards recovery efforts. The resilience and unity of York County residents are being tested as they come together to support those affected and rebuild what was lost in this tumultuous storm.