Inventor Jeabyun Yeon Designed A Diving Mask That Mimics Fish Gills To Convert Water Into Oxygen


triton4What could be the most brilliant inventions of the century has been flooding diving and underwater enthusiast sites  around the world.

Inventor and designer Jeabyun Yeon has released the prototype for what he has named The Triton. The new design hopes to replace the wildly popular Seaview Snorkel as the new standard in underwater gear.

The Triton is a sort of artificial gill that would extract oxygen from the water for you in an on-demand fashion as you swim, obviating the need for bulky SCUBA gear.  It would work on a type of nanotube absorption, with a mini battery and compressor to pressurize the oxygen for you.

triton gills

The new design claims;

  • Extracting oxygen under water through a filter in the form of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules.
  • A technology developed by a Korean scientist that allows us to freely breathe under water for a long time.
  • Advanced micro battery using a next-generation technology with a size 30 times smaller than current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.


What do you think about the new Triton?




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