ISIS Supporters Hack Nashville Music Venue’s Website


nashville music venue hacked by isisThis week there was a horrifying message plastered on the website of a popular Nashville music venue, Sun Times reported this week. The warning message came from a group that supports the ISIS terror network which hacked the site and locked out the venues owners.

The message read, “I am Muslim and I love jihad”, within hours the FBI was made aware of the cyberhack and helped the venue regain their website and discover the origin of the hack. The FBI is now warning all Nashville business owners to make sure their passwords and online security protocols are all up-to-date.

nashville music venue hacked by isis tweetThe venue is Douglas Corner Cafe, just south of downtown. Mervin Louque, the owner, was completely shocked by the attack, although he commented that the message was taken down so quickly that he doesn’t think it affected his business much.

The ISIS supporting hackers call themselves ‘Team System DZ’ and they have reportedly hacked into dozens of websites across the country, flaunting messages in support of ISIS. The hackers even infiltrated a county government website in Virginia twice over the past few months.

The FBI have not conclusively determined if the group is ISIS, or just supporters of ISIS.

If you ever seen anything online that seems suspicious, please report it to the FBI-led website, – their analysts are ready to take down any threat to US businesses or citizens.

The FBI is also urging all business to upgrade their anti-virus software and firewalls – click here for more info.

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