Morton Salt Building Wall Collapses and Buries Cars


morton salt wall collapseThis is certainly turning into a year to remember for one Chicago auto dealership – and we’re not talking about the sales.

Tons of salt (literally) has just completely buried a whole lot full of cars at the McGrath Acura dealership after a huge section of the south wall of the Morton Salt building collapsed.

Morton Salt claimed that the reason for the collapse was that they had piled the salt too high in the storage building, causing the wall to give way.

“It appears to be a case of too much salt and too little wall,” said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said.

UPDATE: Denise Lauer, Morton Salt Inc. director of communications, said in a statement, “A side wall of our storage facility on Elston Avenue in Chicago collapsed this afternoon, spilling road salt outside of the facility and onto a neighboring property. We are working with local authorities to review and respond to the situation. There are no reported injuries. We will provide additional details as appropriate.”

Morton Salt Inc. is still not paying for any damages caused by the collapse of the side wall, claiming, it was an ‘act of nature’.

Do you think Morton Salt should have to cover the damage to the car dealership? 




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