New Census Data Reveals Charlotte Is The #2 Fastest Growing City in America


Charlotte is the fastest growing city in america

The once small town of Charlotte, North Carolina now ranks as the #2 fastest-growing big city in America, according to new Census data that was just released this past week. The data estimates that Charlotte now has a population of 757,278, which is 40% higher than the 2000 census population of 540,828. The growth was fairly evenly split between moving into a rental and those buying a home or condo.

Charlotte just narrowly fit into the ‘Big City’ category, which required populations of at least 500,000 on the 2000 census. The top spot was taken by Fort Worth, Texas, which had a 42.3% increase. Ranking under Charlotte are three more Texas cities: Austin, with 27.5% growth; San Antonio, 18.7%; and El Paso, 17.2%.

In the Charlotte region, the huge population increases haven’t been confined to the 485 barrier. Pretty much every small town around the Queen City has also been exploding, following a national trend of ‘Smart City’ expansion;

Charlotte also has a rapidly expanding job market with new companies starting and moving to the area almost every week – browse all available openings by clicking here.

Now if we can just convince Raleigh to build us more roads…