New Orleans Mayor Wants To Remove 4 Confederate Statues – Others Demand The Removal of All Of Them


general-beauregard-statue-removedThe city of New Orleans is about to permanently removed at least four Confederate monuments from public squares around the city, some residents are enraged while others are elated.

Earlier today, Mayor Mitch Landrieu addressed the City Council to announce the removal of Robert E. Lee, PGT Beauregard and Jefferson Davis and the Battle of Liberty Place monument.

For many New Orleaners, however, that’s not nearly enough. Several people addressed their concerns at the meeting, saying that every piece of Confederate legacy needs to be wiped clean from the city.

“It’s not just four statues; it’s scores of statues and street names and school names that insult our intelligence, that insult our integrity and insult our sense of history and purpose,” commented local resident Malcolm Suber.

Do you think New Orleans’ Confederate history should be erased?



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