Nikki Haley’s Charleston Home Targeted in Two Swatting Incidents


The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office has reported two separate “swatting” incidents at the residence of former Governor Nikki Haley on Kiawah Island, both occurring within a short span of each other. According to spokesperson Amber Allen, the first incident took place on December 30, when deputies were dispatched to Haley’s home following a false report of a shooting.

The caller, identifying himself as Travis, falsely claimed to have shot his girlfriend and threatened self-harm, mentioning the presence of children in the house. Upon arrival, deputies approached the residence and encountered a caretaker who informed them that the homeowners were on vacation and that no one was injured. The residence was cleared, confirming the call as a hoax.

The second incident occurred on January 1, 2024, with a similar false claim of a shooting. Given the recent history of the previous hoax, the responding deputy took a cautious approach. Upon arrival, it was quickly ascertained that the call was another false alarm.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office handled both incidents with patrol units, and the SWAT team was not deployed.

Currently, the case is administratively closed, but it will be reopened if new information comes to light.