Norfolk’s Leaning Building Is About To Be Torn Down


norfolk-leaning-building-teardownNorfolk’s infamous Savoy highrise building – infamous for it’s ‘lean’ has now been issued a slew of code violations and deadlines, essentially issuing a date for tear-down.

The city issued the violations and deadlines to developer Tom Prioreschi and his development group, U.S. Development. The company has until Aug. 3 to completely fix all of the issues (including the lean), or else the city will proceed with demolition orders.

City Council members first addressed The Savoy’s current owner in February, attempting to quicken their planned $4.8 million rehab of the building.

The company was hoping to have a significant amount of renovations done at this point, but they have not even started as of this week.

The company also currently owes $15,601 in back taxes and late fees, according to


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