Palmetto’s Thriving Future: A New Convention Hotel to Elevate Experience and Boost Local Economy


Get ready, Tampa Bay! An extraordinary addition is about to grace the skyline this spring – the Marriott Palmetto Resort and Spa. Offering a stunning view of the Manatee River from its eight-story height and boasting 252 rooms, this luxurious retreat is nearing completion.

This is where we will connect directly to the Bradenton Area Convention Center, their meeting space, and ballroom,” reveals Tony DeRusso, the managing director, setting the stage for a new era in Palmetto.

With a $48 million renovation and expansion of the Bradenton Area Convention Center concurrently underway, the hotel is not just a structure but a catalyst for positive change. Elliot Falcione, Manatee County’s Tourism Director, foresees a remarkable impact on the area, especially in hosting state association conventions.

We will stand alone on the west coast of Florida based on size and amenities. We will have the biggest convention center of its size from St. Petersburg to Naples,” says Falcione, underlining the regional significance.

More than a hotel, it’s a destination designed to elevate experiences, not only for guests but also for the local community.

We are creating a destination, an entertainment venue, a resort, a spa, a beach club, and most importantly connected to the convention center,” emphasizes Greg Ciaccio, the General Manager of the Marriott Palmetto Resort and Spa.

Emphasizing community collaboration, the Marriott is partnering with local farms and small businesses, ensuring that success reverberates throughout Palmetto.

Ciaccio optimistically notes, “Our success is really going to trickle down to the community.

Anticipation is high, and Mayor Shirley Groover-Bryant shares the excitement. “It’s very exciting. Palmetto has waited a very long time,” she expresses.

The hotel and spa are poised to open this spring, with convention center renovations to follow a year later, setting the stage for further development.

Paving the way for additional development, this hotel will be an anchor. It will make us thrive even more,” declares Mayor Groover-Bryant, outlining a future where Palmetto isn’t just a drive-through but an anchor for prosperity.

With around 250 job opportunities on the horizon, the Marriott Palmetto will hold a job fair in February, inviting the community to be part of this exciting venture. Get ready to witness Palmetto’s thriving future!