Shocking Video of Moroccan Tree Goats Now Going Viral


This video surprisingly proves that the goats are in fact real, and they are in fact, on the tree. It isn’t fake. It isn’t photoshopped or altered. There are actually goats up in this tree – and it’s a surprisingly common occurrence in southwestern Morocco.

The trees that the goats climb are Argania spinosa, or argan trees, a species endemic to Morocco and a small region of western Algeria. Goats are drawn to the argan’s fruit, which ripens in June each year. They usually have no trouble running and climbing to the top of the 30-foot-tall trees in search of their next meal.

Humans are also very fond of the argan fruit – argan oil is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and has long been used locally as a skin treatment and cooking ingredient.

In the last decade or so, argan oil has become one of the fastest growing beauty products in America now that we are discovering the incredible healing benefits of argan oil and argan oil creams.

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