This 19-Year-Old Invented a 3-D Printed Prosthetic Limb Could Change The Industry Forever


You might have heard of Easton LaChappelle, but if you haven’t, you will very soon. He’s already accomplished enough before the age of 20 to meet the president and secure a job with NASA…basically, LaChappelle is about to change the world.

teen-uses-3d printer to print limbsHis primary ambition for inventing a new type of prosthetic arm was a little girl using a poorly-constructed prosthetic limb that cost $80,000. He felt it should only cost a few hundred dollars.

He started by teaching himself robotics and combined open source designs with 3D printing to create a completely functional prosthetic arm. He has since advanced to using incredibly powerful tools such as the HP Sprout continue to proliferate the design, features, and functions, as well as integrating vaporized 3D masking to make his components much more life-like.

We might truly have a new Einstein living among us.
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