This Nashville Family Just Won Over $500 Million And Doesn’t Plan On Changing


Nashville Winning PowerballThis Nashville area couple just won a truly life-changing amount of money…but they are now stating that they don’t plan on changing their lives in the slightest. They said that they don’t plan on quitting their jobs, buying a new house, or even altering their lifestyles (although their daughter is pretty adamant that she wants a horse).

John Robinson and his wife Lisa went to the Tennessee lottery headquarters in Nashville on Friday to have their winning ticket verified by lottery officials. The couple chose to take a one-time payout which now amounts to about $327 million after taxes.

At Friday’s press conference, the Robinsons said they won’t stop working and won’t make any wild purchases. They’ll pay off their mortgage and their daughter’s student loans, but have no desire to move from their gray, one-story house in a close-knit community into a luxurious compound somewhere.

Lisa works at a dermatologist’s office. John is a warehouse supervisor. Both plan to return to work Monday, they said. Friends and neighbors say the Robinsons are a hard-working, responsible family with the ability to humbly deal with their new fortune.

“That’s what we’ve done all our lives, is work. Tou just can’t sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. Because how long are you going to last? We do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings, and maybe invest a little bit of it so our son and daughter will have it and they’ll never need anything again.” John Robinson commented.

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