This Shocking Trending Video Shows The Real Difference Between Radical Christians and Radical Muslims


Over the past few years, two radical religious groups in the Middle East have been rising in strength. The radical Christian group is known as “The People of The Cross”, and the radical Muslim group, “ISIS”.

According to recent letters and articles, the main goal of The People of The Cross is to spread the love of their Savior. Dozens of men and women “of the cross” (primarily in Egypt) have been killed by ISIS while trying to live in peace and love those around them.

According to several leading sources, the stated goal of ISIS is to “…conquer the world and all who do not believe in the group’s interpretation of the Koran will be killed…all religions who agree with democracy have to die”

While the main goal of radical Islam seems to be to kill, this video shows that the main goal of radical Christianity seems to be quite the opposite;

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