Viral Video Star Brett Nichols Dances To Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal


The insanely talented high schooler who was launched to the top of the viral charts with his impersonation of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is at it again. He just released a new video of him dancing to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal in what looks to be a parking garage;

The now famous high schooler  Brett Nichols gained incredible recognition  recognized through the viral YouTube video (Billie Jean by Michael Jackson), that was taken from his high school’s talent show.  The teenager showed again his dance moves in the new video above from the King of Pop’s other hit song titled “Smooth Criminal”

smooth-criminal-dance-videoBrett Nichols has even recently secured an agent after the unbelievable success of his “Billie Jean” dance from the talent show. He has commented that he finds his new-found fame incredible, but also tiring. “It has its ups and downs. My parents were pretty speechless that I was getting so much attention for something I’d been doing for so long.”

He has quickly realized a very powerful lesson with his instant fame, Brett Nichols revealed that it has to be how people sees or treats a person because they are now coming up to him asking for an autograph. “I’m like, ‘You slurred me last year but whatever you want, thanks for the support’,” the young dancer shared.