York County and Clover School District To Give $14 Million Toward New Lake Wylie Water Park


new rock hill water parkYork County just gave $1 million to a new Lake Wylie water park that leaders promise will be be a “one-of-a-kind facility.”

The new water park and aquatic center will include two 25-yard indoor swimming pools and a 50-meter outdoor pool for competitions.

York County and the Clover School District have already committed about $14 million to go toward the center, including the two indoor pools and a fitness center.

The outdoor water park adjacenter to the 50-mter pool, estimated to cost $1.7 million, would be an additional feature paid for by the YMCA, intended to increase membership.

The local YMCA has already raised over $400,000 in pledges toward the project in just a few months of asking its members for donations.

York County’s $1 million donation will come from a new 2% hospitality tax that will be charged on food and drinks in unincorporated areas of the county.

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