The Largest Oarfish Ever Captured May Be The Source Of Sea Monster Legends


The giant oarfish was first discovered in 1772 by Norwegian biologist Peter Ascanius . It’s formal scientific title is Regalecus glesne, but the fish is also known as king of the herring, Pacific oarfish, streamer fish and ribbon-fish. It’s believed that the species can grow as long as 50 feet and weigh as much as 600 pounds

In 2007  this giant Oarfish was found barely alive in 2007 off of East Cape of Baja Mexico. It weighed around 150 lbs and was about 14 feet long;

giant-oarfish (1)

On October 28, 2013 a fisherman named Guo caught a 16 foot long Oarfish near Seaside Park in Taitung, Taiwan;

largest oarfish

During the same year, an 18ft oarfish found washed up on a Californian beach and several beach-goers were able to snap this remarkable image;

largest oarfish ever caught

The mysterious deep sea creature that lives 3,000ft below the ocean’s surface, was one of two oarfish found dead this month, leading some to speculate it was a sign of an impending earthquake.

The largest oarfish ever captured on camera measured a total length of 26ft. It was discovered in 1996 by a group of Navy Seals near San Diego, California;


largest oarfish ever caught2


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