You’ll Never Believe What This Man Did With A Hammer, A Chisel, and 22 Years


man uses hammer and chisel to remove mountain

In India, there are two towns that are less than a mile apart, one with good schools, good jobs, and good doctors, and the other is extremely poor. There used to be an impassable mountain that separated the two towns, forcing those in the poor town to walk over 45 miles to get to school or the hospital.

mountainman-02-80eab64d9eb1737aae5223ee0d40a656One day, a man’s wife was trying to climb the mountain to bring him lunch in the good village, she fell and suffered life-threatening injuries. That day, the man decided to do something about it.

That day, the man decided to carve a road through the mountain….with a hammer and some chisels.

It took him over 22 years, and he was mocked all along the way, but now he is a local hero for saving the town.

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