10 Things Every Upper-Middle Class Person Needs


If your one of those people who always has too much money, you’re gonna love this list!

Here’s some stuff I found that’s really cool and surprisingly fancy on Amazon.com…


#1 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

In case you’re ever forced to drink tap water

Award-winning LifeStraw has been used by millions around the globe. Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and surpasses EPA standards for water filters. Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals – LifeStraw Personal Water Filter on Amazon.com


#2 Cuisinart Salad Spinner

This solves the nightmare of wet lettuce.


Stop using a paper towel or waiting forever to drying lettuce, herbs, berries or just about anything food related you can dry, just throw it in the salad spinner basket rinse and spin. Now available for under $20 on Amazon – More Details on The Cuisinart Salad Spinner on Amazon.com



#3 Belkin WeMo Switch

Bending down to unplug things is for peasants


At some point in the future everything in your house will be controlled with an app on your phone, eliminating the need for physical switches. The new Belkin WeMo is trying to bring that future a little bit closer with the WeMo Switch, an adapter for your mains that lets you switch it on and off all from your iPhone. You can add as many switches as you want (or can afford) and then schedule them to turn off and on automatically. Check out more details and user reviews on Amazon.com


#4 FreshRoast Automatic Coffee Roaster

Coffee roasted yesterday is stale. Poor people drink stale coffee.

The quality of any coffee depends mostly on the time between roasting and brewing, this makes it almost impossible to have a truly amazing cup of coffee at home without roasting your own green beans. The under $200 FreshRoast produces beans that are comparable to $2,000+ machines, and it can do it in less than 10 minutes – Find Out More About The FreshRoast on Amazon.com


#5 Pleo Dinosaur

Toys that don’t talk back are outdated


Pleo is curious about the world around it and explores, plays and even learns. The bot responds to touch and, of course, cuddles, they have born-in personality traits (courage, obedience, etc), and go through a four-stage life cycle. Check out what users think on Amazon.com (priced from $189.00)


#6 Avocado Saver

Don’t feel pressured to eat the whole thing

Stores half an avocado and keeps it fresh for twice as long – Avocado saver on Amazon.com


#7 Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer

Because you deserve the fanciest coffee maker ever


This is pretty much the best (and most expensive) coffee maker you can buy. The full copper heating element and the wattage used is what sets this apart from others. This was the first machine that was brewing at 200+ degrees at the brew head and they have now perfected the process – Browse more details and see what owners think about the Moccamaster on Amazon.com


#8 24k Gold/Swarovski Crystal iPhone

Stop using stuff not made out of gold

The Gold and Crystal iPhone comes with USB cord + wall charger and box with manuals – Golden iPhone on Amazon.com


#9 Electronic Peep Hole

No longer struggle to close one eye to see who is outside


The Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence. The PeepHole Viewer turns a hard to see peep hole image into a big bright image. Simply push the button to see a large image of the person outside your door. The image is easy to see for people of any height and is similar to that on the display of a digital camera – Find out more about the Digital Peephole on Amazon.com


#10 Bidet Attachment

You’re too good for toilet paper

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment-on-amazon

The Lily Fresh from Wonder Bidet is a hygienic and comfortable alternative to rough toilet paper. This model is inspired by Wonder Bidet. Carefully designed to attach easily onto any two piece standard toilet bowl and includes all parts needed for assembly – Check out what other fancy people are saying about it on Amazon.com


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