Top 10 Coolest New iPhone Gadgets Now Available


The new iPhone 6 has just been announced, and that’s made us scour for the latest and most advanced technology for it’s arrival.

Here’s our picks for the latest and greatest iOS (many can be used with all smartphones) gadgets that’ll ensure you never leave your house without your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad ever again.

#1 iPhone Universal Lens Kit ($54.99 on


If you love taking pictures with your iPhone – this is a must! This is a complete smart phone photography ‘kit’, including a telephoto, fish eye, macro, and wide angle lens, as well as a mini-tripod and smartphone holder. This will fit virtually every smart phone ever made – except for those crazy big tablet/smart phone hybrids. Click here to browse more details and customer reviews on


#2 Motorola In-Car Bluetooth Speakerphone ($54.99 on


This thing is crazy – the Roadster speakerphone has dual-microphone noise cancellation to block out background noice, an FM transmitter to play your music through your car speakers, and this new thing called ‘MultiPoint’ that allows users to take calls from two phones at the same time. It also comes equipped with MotoSpeak, the Roadster reads aloud text messages and allows you to dictate your text response, so you can stay in touch while on the road. Check out more details and user review on


#3 Pebble Smartwatch ($149.99 on


The Pebble Smartwatch is the first well designed SmartWatches to hit the market. You can switch between watch faces on the fly and use a handful of apps to check weather, read your email, and control your music from the watch’s four buttons. Its monochrome E Ink display lets the watch go for a week without charging – it’s even waterproof. Click here for more details and customer reviews on


#4 Mophie Juice Pack ($73.99 on


Running out of battery is possible the worst thing that can happen to a person in 2014, especially if you have a few hours to kill or a stressful deadline looming. The new Mophie Juice Pack provides 120% extra battery ‘juice’ right when you need it. Its rubberized, dual texture case will offer sound protection to your iPhone. Check out more details and reviews on Amazon.


#5 Belkin WeMo Switch ($46.16 on


At some point in the future everything in your house will be controlled with an app on your phone, eliminating the need for physical switches. The new Belkin WeMo is trying to bring that future a little bit closer with the WeMo Switch, an adapter for your mains that lets you switch it on and off all from your iPhone. You can add as many switches as you want (or can afford) and then schedule them to turn off and on automatically. Check out more details and user reviews on


#6 Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash ($24.99 on


This incredibly handy Bluetooth accessory is great if you’re a little clumsy with your belongings and often leave them behind in the pub. A small attachment fixes to, say your wallet, then through an app on your phone you’ll be alerted if it loses connection with the leash – basically when you’ve forgotten it. Check it out – and what customers think on by clicking here.


#7 Sony DSC-QX10/B 4.45-44.5mm Camera ($248 on


This is rather unique and truly something we’ve never seen before. In short, it is a fully formed camera, shrunk down into a lens and then made to connect with your smartphone. The QX10 has an impressive 18MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. More details and user reviews here.


#8 Nest Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat ($219 on


Designed by the people that brought you the iPod, the smart thermostat is controllable via an iOS app, uses six sensors that adapt to your living pattern, so you can turn up the heating on the way home. Click here for more details and user reviews on


#9 Joby GripTight GorillaPod ($18.89 on


The new GorillaPod will grab onto pretty much anything thanks to it’s rubberised foot grips, and hold your iPhone in a secure position for some fantastic shots. You can attach your phone in landscape and portrait, and move it into any position, as each of the legs has over a dozen fully mobile joints. Check out more features and user reviews on


#10 Roker Cannon Bluetooth Speaker ($19.99 on


These new Cannons are the latest in Bluetooth speaker technology. Play anything from your phone with deep bass and high treble (200HZ-16KHZ frequency range), complete with internal battery for up to 5 hours of full-volume music. Click here for more details and user reviews on