10 Things Men Should Never Wear Again…..Ever


1. Running Shoes w/ Jeans

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You might do this if you’re a middle-schooler, or a dad, but you shouldn’t. No one should. Please stop.


2. Fedoras.

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Do you live in the 1920s? Are you an actor on Mad Men? No? Don’t wear a Fedora.


3. Socks w/ Sandals

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This is always a bad fashion combo, especially when combined with cut-off short shorts.


4. Duster Jackets

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If you’re not going to a Van Helsing-themed party, please don’t wear this.


5. This

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Apparently this is what the British consider fashion…..crazy Brits.


6. Skinny Jeans

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Are you wearing women’s pants or are you just happy to see me?


7. Fake Tans


Oh did you just get back from the beach? Wait………nevermind.


8. Skirts

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You might think your Scottish heritage gives you this right, but, it doesn’t.


9. Anything From Vanilla Ice


Graffittied overalls, tie-dyed sweatshirt, womens belt, too many rings, too many watches, big hair….always bad choices.


10. Speedos

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UPDATE: These new outfits are even worse:


#11 Unics



#12 Jeggings

men should never wear jeggings


#13 Short Sleeved Dress Shirts


#14 Shirts with flames



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