15 Of The Nicest Things People Have Done For Other People


Every once in a while we witness a truly selfless act of kindness, and when we do, our entire perspective changes. Let’s all try to take these as examples of how we can truly make the world a better place;

#1 This worker doing whatever it takes to comfort an old man

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#2 This man giving his bike away to this boy

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#3 This young married couple, Ahmad with no arms and Fatima with no legs, have learned to enjoy life in spite of not having what most of us take for granted.

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#4 This overly generous kid

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#5 A Restaurant that went above and beyond

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#6 One of the nicest cops I’ve ever seen

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#7 The cutest couple ever

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#8 A truly selfless hero

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#9 The best mechanic in the world

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#10 This boy that cares more about joy than money

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#11 Paying it forward at the gas station

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#12 The best laundromat ever

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#13 This man giving his bike away to this boy

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#14 The incredible man named Dan

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#15 And the greatest restaurant guest ever

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