5 Cities That Will Pay You To Live In Them


As the phrase goes, desperate times call for desperate measures…after decades of population decline, some cities have turned to desperate measures.

The following cities have officially started giving away free land, piles of cash, and several other perks for moving back. If you’re in the mood for a new town, why not let them pay you for your presence?

Here are the top 5 US cities that will now pay you to move there;

#1 Detroit

cities that will pay you to move there - detroitThe city of Detroit is now giving away 100 homes for free, although they are in need of some TLC, and they’ll even give you $150k to help with the repairs!

Detroit is also offering college graduates $2,500 in cash for their first year of moving to and living in the city, and a $1000 second year check for renting an apartment/condo in the city. And they’re giving up to $20,000 in forgivable loans for homebuyers who purchase real estate in the city.

Check out more details here – http://www.detroitlivedowntown.org/

#2 Alaska

alaska pays you to live thereThis has to be the best deal in America. Since the lat ’70s, Alaska has been giving its residents to live there via its Permanent Fund Reserve. The payouts are funded by Alaska’s oil royalties and are divided up evenly among citizens, the yearly average is usually around $1,250.

In order to be eligible for the rebate, you must not claim residency in any other state or country.

Check this site out for more info: http://pfd.alaska.gov

#3 Lincoln, Kansas

kansas pays you to live thereIf you’ve ever been in Kansas, you know they have plenty of wide open spaces, well now they are starting to give it away – for free.

They’ve been experiencing a declining population growth since the early 1900′s, so towns like Lincoln and Osbourne have taken to giving out free plots of land in order to entice new residents.

Check out how you can get a piece of land at: http://www.kansasfreeland.com/

#4 Camden, Maine

camden maine pays you to live thereCamden is now desperate to attract new businesses and are willing to give them prime lots of 2.8 acres if you agree to create 24 new jobs in the city. The town recently spent $1 million dollars to restore the site and the land is currently valued at $175,000.

You have to put up the initial cash for the deal, but the town will refund you your money once you meet all of the requirements.

For all the details, visit; http://www.freelandinmaine.org/

#5 Curtis, Nebraska

cities that will pay you to move there - curtisHow’d you like a prime piece of golf course real estate for free?

If you agree to build a house, they’ll give it you for free. All of the lots utility ready and located on paved streets.

Claim your own private piece of heaven at: http://www.curtis-ne.com/amlots.php